As with a lot of trades these days, the computer has simplified the apprenticeship process, if not destroyed it completely (until recently), making anyone who buys a plotter and sign program a “signage expert”. Having spent four years learning layout and colour schemes together with brushwork, at a Worthing based company, I often see the most basic of mistakes being made left, right and centre. For example: red lettering on green or blue backgrounds, with no white break; This is one of the fundamentals of sign colour schemes – The colours clash! Another common mistake to point out is taking the lettering to the edge of the panel with the gap between the words bigger than that of the end spacing, something which is taught at the early stages, along with the importance of making a logo and colour scheme fit the business that you’re attempting to promote.

Signwriting has, and always will be a better option, when it comes to giving a design character!

Think of this short tale as a gift from an experienced designer/signwriter…

“Sometimes, going to a signshop with no tradesmen can be a bit like getting your next door neighbour to do your signage.”


Problems with a lot of signage today!
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